A Local, Independent, Calgary Band.

The Frontiers is the perfect mix of Roots and Rock genres.

The group prides itself in adding soul and indie rock influences to their sound to create highly melodic and catchy music.

Aggressive vocals, powerful tempos, progressive instrument riffs and arrangements; married with roots/folk rhythms and lyrics that tell a story – The Frontiers is a unique and enjoyable experience. Young and old audiences instantly enjoy and respect their sound.


The perfect mix of folk and rock genres

 Godin Guitar, and Wild Rose Brewery endorsements; venue sellouts around Alberta and eastern BC, festival main stage and headlining performances,  heavy impact with social media, radio play and print media. The Frontiers are a band to get behind and believe in.

Live Content:

Created Content:

“Enough Is Enough”.

Recorded live off the floor at Slaughter House Studios, Calgary AB. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Mike Fournier. The song was played exactly how you hear it in the track, everything is live. The entire album is a perfect reference of the groups ability to rehearse and capture an energetic live performance. 


sealegs pal2

The Frontiers is a project lead by Drew Jones formerly known as “Sealegs”. As Sealegs, and now as The Frontiers, the boys continue to sell out venues in Calgary, greater Alberta and eastern British Columbia.

the frontiers gogo.png

The group consists of: Drew Jones: vocals/rhythm guitar, Sean Hamilton: percussion,  Ethan Dalen: bass, Mike Kissinger: fiddle and Mike Fournier: electric guitar

Jones has 12+ years professionally song writing and holds an endorsement by Godin Guitars – formerly in a group with Andy Shauf (Arts and Crafts) and Teen Daze (Vancouver). Hamilton is a Calgary staple, playing in over 4 bands and refining his skills for years. Fournier has rougly 30 years experience on guitar, with 10 years gigging experience in professional bands. Dalen and Kissinger have been active musicians since childhood, with Kissinger playing fiddle starting at a very young age and continuing to craft his trade with The Calgary Fiddlers for years.


“The Frontiers have an immediate connection with the audience, their energy and spirit is instantly absorbed by the crowd even before you get a chance to dive in to their talent and synergy as a group. A must see!” – Director, Big Winter Classic (Calgary)

The boys are no strangers to festivals and massive special event shows. Including: Airdie Art Days headliner; Lloydminster Summer Love Festival headline; Fernie Summer Concert Series; Fernie, Jasper and Sunshine Ski Hill performances; Calgary Eau Claire Canada Day main stage; Big Winter Classic; Frog Fest (AB); Landis Fest (AB); Kanfest, and the list goes on.



“The Frontiers will be pulling heavy day shifts down at Wurst during the first Stampede weekend, and we suggest stopping in for a cold one if your Stampede commute takes you through Mission. Be warned: The Frontiers are so fun, you may put off your day at the grounds in lieu of the music drifting out of one of Calgary’s best beer halls.”


“The album is packed with breathtaking violin scales, intense vocal harmonies, and honest lyricism: “It’s been a while, but now I’ve finally figured out just where I’m going.”These guys are no longer messing around, as they intend to take their music to the next level. Enough is Enough was chosen as their album title to reiterate this mindset.”


We’ve enjoyed a season of playing at various ski hills and resort towns this winter season. Check out the video link above for more exiting details! 


100% independent: booking, promoting, designing, publishing; The Frontiers are arguably the hardest working band in the west. Over 300 shows in 4 years – with just over 50 shows in 4 months in 2016, The Frontiers ability to continually hit stages speaks to their ability to be loved and always invited back for another gig – having a strong draw doesn’t hurt either. Most gigs these days are referrals or requests as the group grows in popularity.


“One of the easiest, most professional bands we’ve ever worked with.”

– Krista, Fernie Summer Concert Series / Fernie Fix Magazine editor/publisher

“Giving back is what the good ones do. Going above and beyond? The Best.”

Read the full article from Mike Bell here.

The group is also continually giving back playing countless benefit and fundraiser gigs. “The Moon In My Heart” is a single written for the Canadian Mental Heath Association. The single is being used by the organization as their spotlight song for 2017, and the band featured it at their major development event on January 23rd, 2017.


For bookings or more information contact Drew at:


Thanks for taking the time to read about us and support music in your community.


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