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Congratz to Jeff and Drew on their Mapex and Godin Endorsements

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“The Frontiers will be pulling heavy day shifts down at Wurst during the first Stampede weekend, and we suggest stopping in for a cold one if your Stampede commute takes you through Mission. Be warned: The Frontiers are so fun, you may put off your day at the grounds in lieu of the music drifting out of one of Calgary’s best beer halls.”

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“The album is packed with breathtaking violin scales, intense vocal harmonies, and honest lyricism: “It’s been a while, but now I’ve finally figured out just where I’m going.”These guys are no longer messing around, as they intend to take their music to the next level. Enough is Enough was chosen as their album title to reiterate this mindset.”



We’ve enjoyed a season of playing at various ski hills and resort towns this winter season. Check out the video link above for more exiting details! 



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For bookings, contact Drew at mewithoutdrew@gmail.com

The Frontiers has been booked for well over 300 shows since hitting the Western Canadian scene. The boys have toured, played festivals, countless pub/venue shows, weddings, corporate parties, public/private events, house shows, art functions, and the list goes on. We will learn covers or manipulate our music to fit any and all gigs. Our guarantee is very reasonable and is often negotiated after learning the details of the event. We also own a sound system that we love to haul around to shows if the promoter does not have their own.

Contact us for a booking today!

the fronts


The Frontiers is the perfect mix of Roots and Rock genres.

The group prides itself in adding soul and indie rock influences to their sound to create highly melodic and catchy music.

Aggressive vocals, powerful tempos, progressive instrument riffs and arrangements; married with roots/folk rhythms and lyrics that tell a story – The Frontiers is a unique and enjoyable experience. Young and old audiences instantly enjoy and respect their sound.

The Frontiers is:

Drew Jones – Lead vox, Rythmn Guitar

Michael Kissinger – Fiddle

Ethan Dalen – Bass

Jeff Towers – Percussion

Mike Fournier – Electric Guitar, backing vocals

Formerly known as “Sealegs”, The Frontiers is a project lead by Drew Jones since 2012. We value gigging above all else, and we’ve successfully hit the stage hundreds of times. We never fail to please the crowd and promoters.

The band is entirely independent, and our journey has been long and filled with twists and turns. Since the release of our album, we’ve established ourselves as a staple in the Alberta scene.

The Frontiers will continue to grind shows and song write; bringing the community music worth listening too – refined on the stage and filled with passion.

“Giving back is what the good ones do. Going above and beyond? The Best.”

Read the full article from Mike Bell here.


Enjoy the new EP, “Enough Is Enough” available to stream and download. 

“Shipwrecked” from the “Sealegs” début album, release: April 2015.

Preview and purchase the full album at our Bandcamp page.

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