Nov 24



The Frontiers is the latest evolution of Drew Jones’ Alberta based musical project. Formerly known as “Sealegs” the group has ebbed and flowed with its members since 2012. After years of gigging and creating a name for themselves, Jones and the gang simplified their lineup, their sound and continue to provide top-notch musical performances throughout Alberta.

Check out our Facebook page to learn about gigs and what we’ve recently been up to!

With over 6 hours of musical content in their back pocket – including covers and original songs – The Frontiers continue to be requested for major holiday gigs – Eau Claire main stage, Canada Day, St. Patty’s sold out shows, Christmas etc. – weddings, venue sell-outs, festivals, Stampede and corporate parties. The group is known to provide an extremely fun atmosphere to a party, mixing in Soul, RnB, Oldies, 90s Rock, Pop and Country songs into their repertoire.

Read, listen and watch more below to learn about the band’s accomplishments as both “The Frontiers” and “Sealegs”.

Contact Drew at: mewithoutdrew@gmail.com for all booking requests and inquiries. 

Watch our Stampede 2018 and Wild Rose Brewery Endorsement videos! These videos highlight some of our latest and greatest corporate performances and relationships:


“The Frontiers will be pulling heavy day shifts down at Wurst during the first Stampede weekend, and we suggest stopping in for a cold one if your Stampede commute takes you through Mission. Be warned: The Frontiers are so fun, you may put off your day at the grounds in lieu of the music drifting out of one of Calgary’s best beer halls.”

the fronts bottle


“The album is packed with breathtaking violin scales, intense vocal harmonies, and honest lyricism: “It’s been a while, but now I’ve finally figured out just where I’m going.”These guys are no longer messing around, as they intend to take their music to the next level. Enough is Enough was chosen as their album title to reiterate this mindset.”



We’ve enjoyed a season of playing at various ski hills and resort towns this winter season. Check out the video link above for more exiting details! 


“Giving back is what the good ones do. Going above and beyond? The Best.”

Read the full article from Mike Bell here.


Enjoy the new EP, “Enough Is Enough” available to stream and download. 

“Shipwrecked” from the “Sealegs” début album, release: April 2015.

Preview and purchase the full album at our Bandcamp page.

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