The Frontiers

Alberta’s Best High Performance Musical Team, Est. 2012

About Us

Look no further, you just found the best high-performance musical team – The Frontiers. We have 4+ hours of original and cover material that is guaranteed to get your group dancing, singing and having the best time. Our popular covers range from the Country, Soul, Pop, Roots, Rock and Oldies genres. We’ve never left a party unsatisfied. Contact Drew for booking details!

The Calgary Flames

In 2019, The Frontiers won the Roughnecks Got Talent event, which put the band in the scope of the entire Calgary Flames Corp. In the 2021-2023 seasons, The Frontiers made Alberta history by being the first band ever to play in the stands during games for the Calgary Flames. During regular season and playoffs, the boys wowed crowds with this amazing mix of cover and original content. It was a dream come true and a huge milestone for this home-grown project.

The Music

We moonlight as a cover band, reaching to the top of the Calgary corporate portfolio but in reality, we are an original group. Even in our original songs, we are multi-genre and the best way to categorize it is Pop-Rock! Catch our new, live album on Spotify and YouTube called “Star Power Live” featuring our latest and greatest original songs. 

The Venues

We made our mark by playing well over 1000 gigs in 7 years. You can find us in the best, local venues and events or playing in ski towns or rocking your best friend’s wedding or playing your boss’ president’s party at the Petroleum Club. Our music, work ethic, friendliness and overall deep love of performance and community has awarded us the best reputation in Alberta. Come party with us or book us for your next event! 

Upcoming Shows!

Feb 3rd/4th: Whiskey Rose

1012 17 Ave SW, Calgary


Feb 16th: King Eddy

438 9 Ave SE, Calgary

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Feb 18th: Private Wedding



Feb 24th/25th: Murrieta’s

808 1 St SW #200, Calgary

10:00 PM – 1:00 AM